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Filled with visions of feckless scarecrows, errant knights and the quiet joys of candlelight, the debut full-length album (‘The Lick on the Tip of an Envelope yet to be Sent’) by these medieval minstrels, Circulus, gave those brief hot summer months of 2005 a soundtrack of ancient wind instruments, 70’s Moog synthesisers and ghostly harmonies. Now they are back and have moved five centuries into the future, creating a Baroque-Rock album of the highest caliber.

‘Clocks are like People‘ should see Circulus jump forward in terms of success as well as eras. The much improved and accomplished songwriting/production on ‘Clocks Are Like People’ shows Circulus in a more laid-back-and-comfortable light. Key tracks ‘Song of our Despair’ and ‘Wherever She Goes’ have ‘radio‘ written all over them, whilst the Elizabethan harpsichord-workout of ‘To The Fields’ or the Moog-soaked wonders of ‘Bouree’ prove that they have lost none of their creative appeal.