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Monuments in Ruin

SUMRRA - 7 Visions LP

SUMRRA - 7 Visions LP

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Pianist Manuel Gutierrez, double bassist Xacobe Martínez Antelo and drummer L.A.R. Legido, give birth to “SUMRRÁ. 7 VISIÓNS” a new record that involves the consolidation of a unique way of understanding live music.
SUMRRÁ makes the inspired exercise of taking perspective and rethinking our own existence through music. “7 visions” lucid, overwhelming, great... The best album of SUMRRÁ.

3 musicians who have played together for 21 years. Their familiarity brings a cohesion that blends individual perspective into a sympathetic harmony. From Galicia in the northwest of Spain their music looks to contemporary composition and improvisation. The instrumentation is the classic jazz trio: piano - Manuel Gutierrez Iglesias; bass - Xacobe Martinez Antelo; and drums - LAR Legido. Virtuosos they resonate organically, a cult group that has been adding followers throughout all these years, through its discs, its concerts and its tours. Seoul, Morocco, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Mexico, Portugal, Nicaragua, Bolivia, South Africa, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc... 


jazz Santiago De Compostela 

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