Airbag - The Century of the Self (Karisma Records 2024)

Airbag - The Century of the Self (Karisma Records 2024)

Airbag slowly melts the listener into a calming headspace and welcomes the slow rolling tide of embrace with The Century of the Self. 

Soft, subtle post-rockish elements build layers to create a benevolent rock listening experience. The juxtaposition of feeling heavier than the last segment while keeping a low profile base level is a rolling emotional theme. Building crescendos that rise and fall, they clearly draw a line that prevents the structure from pushing it over the edge into manic, distorted waves of heavy. The balanced production of instrumentation preserves the clean vocals to help showcase them in a clear light. 

Listening feels like a warm reception from a long time friend whom you've missed spending time with over recent years. 

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