Baby Huey - Living Legend

Baby Huey - Living Legend

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Baby Huey - Living Legend LP 

Though I am not fully covered on all the info, the story of this album release is a somewhat sad document. The story goes, Baby Huey was in the process of recording his first solo album after releasing a few singles when he passed away suddenly. Where we can be thankful, someone cared enough to finalize the album anyway. By including some instrumental tracks that were unfinished they were able to fulfil the album release. What resulted is our ability to hear these jams over 50 years later. What we hear on the opening track is what we had to look forward to in a world with Baby Huey. It is soulful, funky and dripping with sweat. Thank goodness these tracks were not shelved and lost forever.  

Take me home, take me on home…  
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