Bat - Wings of Chains

Bat - Wings of Chains

Bat - Wings of Chains 

The band name attracted me to dig further. Once this album was initiated it took mere seconds for me to crank up the volume and want to destroy everything in the room. Call it thrash, speed-metal or whatever makes you feel hyped because it's furious, fast and absolute fire. It might sound like old man speak to say but, there was a time that the thrash era felt as though it had been left behind and all we had were remains of the classics from an 80's timeline to grip tightly and praise as our "days of old". Thank the battle vested parents who raised their children on a higher quality of thrash. Now we have a resurgence in the genre and it's a welcome addition in my grumpy, old man home. Oh, it's a very real possibility the parents might be the band. 



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