Beatles - Revolver

Beatles - Revolver

Black and White Wednesday! Let's Talk About... 
Beatles - Revolver "Special Edition" LP 

I heard someone say the Beatles were overrated recently. Well, much like anyone who says something like that I requested they play me their band's album. Guess what? They are still recording, working it out, mixing, the vocals aren't ready, can't get the band to agree on album art, looking for a new drummer, bass player is strung out, guitarist is an asshole, saving money for the digital release on Itunes or some hand made cassette release on limited edition whatever that no one will ever actually assemble or see completed, etc. I have heard it all with the exception of hearing an album from this person that is actually better than a Beatles record. It's that simple. The fab four did it and they did it very well. 

Please, don't spoil my day. I'm miles away and after all I'm only sleeping…  
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