Billy Strings - Me and Dad

Billy Strings - Me and Dad

Three for Thursday! Let's Talk About... 
Billy Strings - Me and Dad (smoke vinyl, yellow vinyl, black vinyl)   

Looks like this is another artist that may be breaking down my dislike for country music by recording blue grass that can certainly keep my attention. Though the name has been lurking in the shadows for a while, it's only recently that an album finally got my attention. So here we are. Is the shop turning into a country/bluegrass hub? Can't say that's on the horizon yet but this one is gonna be a welcome introduction to the modern bluegrass world for someone and a nice addition to an album library. 

I've got a sad, sad story friend, that I don't like to tell. I had a home and family when they locked me in this cell. I've been in here 18 years, a long, long time I know but time don't mean a thing to me 'cause I've got life to go…

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