Black Lava - The Savage Winds To Wisdom (Season of Mist 2024)

Black Lava - The Savage Winds To Wisdom (Season of Mist 2024)

Black Lava conjures darkness within every note on The Savage Winds To Wisdom. 

Riff after riff, chug after chug, these songs bleed with strength and perseverance.  Black Lava have sharpened their blades for the ultimate slaughter as they blast through levels of blackened metal and double bass driven thrash that should excite the ear of any fan of the genres. The production is crisp and clean, leaving no doubt the level of precision in the songwriting attack. Their message is clearly written as the vocals scream out for something sinister to come. 

Prepare as Season of Mist unleashes the dominion of this Australian black metal monster. 
Release July 12, 2024 

Style: Blackened Heavy Metal
For Fans Of: Entombed, Behemoth, VLTIMAS 

Unsheathing Nightmares 

Ironclad Sarcophagus  

Recording studio
Bushido Studios in Melbourne, Australia

Producer and sound engineer
Troy Mccosker

Mastering, mixing and engineering
Studio Fredman and Fredrick Nordstrom

Cover art
Paolo Girardi

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Available Formats
Digital Download
CD Digipack
12" Vinyl Gatefold (Black)
12" Colored Vinyl Gatefold (Gold with Silver Splatters)  

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