Black Sabbath - Paranoid + Vol 4

Black Sabbath - Paranoid + Vol 4

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Black Sabbath - Paranoid LP + Vol. 4 LP 

Halloween is creeping closer and what better way to celebrate than to double up on your Black Sabbath collection! It's been a while but Paranoid has arrived. There is no denying this deadly combo. Paranoid may have been the hit for Sabbath but the B-side of this album is legendary. Electric Funeral, Hand of Doom, Rat Salad, Fairies Wear Boots. Damn! What a great way to burn 20 minutes. If you swap this record out with Vol. 4 for a double shot you'll walk straight into, what I consider to be, the most raw Sabbath record on the market and that's meant in all the best ways. It's gonna set fire to your stereo and call upon the spirits of heavy metal to treat your ears. 

Nobody wants him. He just stares at the world… 


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