BLACK TUSK - The Way Forward (Season of Mist 2024)

BLACK TUSK - The Way Forward (Season of Mist 2024)

“When everything seems like it’s against you, put your head down and push through. Take those bad things that are happening and use them to help create.”  ~ Andrew Fidler (Black Tusk) 

Black Tusk have opened a can of unrelenting, sludge bathed, punk rock fury with their newest document, The Way Forward, via Season of Mist. What more could one ask for from this Savannah, Georgia powerhouse? We may not have thought it possible for them to dig deeper nor did we specifically ask for them to attempt to do so. However it has happened. We are getting the added spice of a second guitar, a fourth vocal and a whole new level of abuse! 

Let the beatings begin. Loud amps, distorted and filthy riffs with that fresh addition of herbs and spices lead us down the path to a blistering assault. There is an adrenaline rush bursting through these tracks that make me visualize a bmx heading full blast down a rugged dirt hill with no breaks. Lean into it and try to survive. It is going to be an aggressive, white knuckled ride that, once committed, you'll not be stopping until it's complete or you are destroyed. Whichever happens first, you'll be thankful you went for it. The driving force of these songs confirm there is going to be a wild time at the venue when Black Tusk rolls in to your town. 

These songs pour sweat and bleed with strength, perseverance and struggle while managing to mix up the overall vibe with the vocal switch ups. It's a new day for the band but a welcome place in their long running history, as they have never been mild tempered. 

Though you may be dusting yourself off, shaking off a concussion and attempting to stop the bleeding, The Way Forward is exactly what it states. The next phase of the band's historic persistence and commitment to the craft. It's not an easy road and Black Tusk is a battle scarred testament to the lows and highs that can make or break the spirit of the common band. 

Photo Credit: Scary Adams 

1. Out Of Grasp - 2:47
2. Brushfire - 2:22
3. Harness (The Alchemist) - 2:35
4. Lessons Through Deception - 2:14
5. Breath Of Life - 5:12 [WATCH]
6. Dance On Your Grave - 2:54 [WATCH]
7. Against The Undertow - 3:06
8. Lift Yourself - 3:31
9. Ocean Of Obsidian - 2:50
10. Flee From Dawn - 3:38
11. The Way Forward - 4:40
Total runtime: 35:54

Andrew Fidler - Guitars, Vocals
James May - Drums, Vocals
Chris "Scary" Adams - Guitars, Vocals
Derek Lynch - Bass, Vocals, Synths

Recording Studio
Hidden Audio

Producer, Sound & Mixing Engineer
Chris "Scary" Adams

Mastering Studio & Engineer
Audiosiege / Brad Boatright

Cover Artwork
Brian Mercer 

The Way Forward comes out April 26, 2024. 


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Available Formats
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12" Vinyl Gatefold - Black
12" Colored Vinyl Gatefold - Transparent Green
12" Colored Vinyl Gatefold - Orange w/ Red Splatters 

Black Tusk - "Dance on Your Grave" (Official Music Video) 2024 

Black Tusk - "Breath of Life" (Official Music Video) 2024

Style: Sludge Metal
Location: Savannah, Georgia. 

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~ Bobby / Monuments in Ruin 
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