black_bubblegum. - Abject Pain EP (Independent 2024)

black_bubblegum. - Abject Pain EP (Independent 2024)

Abject Pain by black_bubblegum. takes all of the dirt and grit of your daily struggles and hand crafts them into a molotov cocktail to the face.

The EP introduces itself with sonic destruction of the highest level. A tsunami of harsh, low end pulses and screamy vocal attacks that cut straight to the point. This is one of the elements that appeal best to me about the industrial music genre. But wait! There's more! The next passage of sounds changes up into a swirling, experimental clash of dissonance that culminates into a brief moment to recalibrate as the spoken and harsh words make their way into the fold. There is a touch of horror soundtrack elements in the mix and the full ride is bookends with another dose of the sonic destruction we previously discussed.

The EP is terrific. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, my guess would be you'll listen to it twice in a row, as I did.

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