Boozewa - Bon Vivant (DeepRest Records 2024)

Boozewa - Bon Vivant (DeepRest Records 2024)

Boozewa - Bon Vivant
(sludge-punk, grunge, noise rock)
(Coatesville, Pennsylvania)
(DeepRest Records)
A ferocious rumble calls out from the northeast as Bon Vivant by Boozewa delivers a specific brand of sludge drenched noise rock to your stereo.

There is a thick fog of brutality rolling from the Appalachian area. As it reverberates through the valleys, the listener can imagine stones cracking loose from mother nature's monoliths, built with her loving hands over years of careful construction. The pounding rhythms of drum and bass feel thick, like molasses dripping in mid summer. Sweet, ominously flowing and can not be ignored by anything it touches. The guitars are equally swaddled in low end thunder as the clean vocal style articulates a type of Buzzo-esq presentation.

Prepare to dig your friends out from under the rubble because this thing is going to bring down the mountain. 

~ Bobby Rayfield (Monuments In Ruin)  

released July 9, 2024 

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