Cars - Candy-O + Panorama

Cars - Candy-O + Panorama

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Cars - Candy-O + Panorama LP 

There is an endless supply of hooks and ear worms in the Cars discography. Probably some of the most distinguishable song writing and presentation you'll hear flowing through your radio speakers. The production is always clean, the voice of Ric Ocasek is unmistakable and the keyboard sounds became one of the trademark styles of the 80's. These two albums landed in '79 and '80 making them a large part of the building blocks for what was to follow in the music world. Even though it's not featured here, Moving In Stereo became the staple of "She's hot" soundbytes after being featured in the Fast Times At Ridgemont High Pool Scene. 

She's a frozen fire, she's my one desire… 
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