Christina Aguilera - Stripped

Christina Aguilera - Stripped

Black and White Wednesday! Let's Talk About... 
Christina Aguilera - Stripped LP 

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. This record was finally available to put on the shelves and I can not resist it. This is one of the outsider records, for me. Where the pop world swarms around records in this genre, I tend to shy away due to a lack of substance in the songwriting. Throw out everything previously said because it does not apply to this record. Christina has a terrific voice and the songs here are solid. It's not gonna change my world and there are a few complaints that make me look over my shoulder to see if anyone is close enough to hear what's playing. I can do without the artist talking me into the record, for example. Excluding those little ticks, her voice carries this record so well that she made me a fan at first listen. 

All these walls are caving in. I can't stop my sufferin'… 
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