D.O.A. - Something Better Change + Fight Back

D.O.A. - Something Better Change + Fight Back

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D.O.A. - Something Better Change + Fight Back LP 

From 1980's Something Better Change debut to 2018's Fight Back, D.O.A. has been delivering punk rock records for your library. Considered to be the founders of hardcore punk, they may also be responsible for some of the unpaved roads being carved across the United States along with Black Flag and many others hitting the dark highways in the early 80's. 

"New age, I don’t believe you, you give nothing I can use"… 
Something: https://open.spotify.com/album/02GaVy2CFLs0BFKWw2Mpww?si=PjhTSAniRiK_mcaU4K_z7w 
Fight: https://open.spotify.com/album/5CJCnMdoC5zNjzOOdn1YW0?si=F0XK1M1zTIG7REMqicTdIw 

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