D.SABLU - No True Silence (Yes We Cannibal 2024)

D.SABLU - No True Silence (Yes We Cannibal 2024)

No True Silence by D.SABLU bleeds out of the speakers with hardcore punk rock and roll rationale.

It is always a treat to stumble on a punk rock record that has focused songwriting and solid production. There are a lot of bands delivering out there but there are also a lot of low fi starters cutting their teeth. I bless them all and their efforts. This one is informed and fully capable of the task of writing and recording. Anyone who gets down with the genre will be totally onboard with a dose of this record. Hardcore punk rock flows intermittently throughout the album. Rock and roll is the foundation with aggression turned up to 11. A+ record and instantly hooked me.

released May 17, 2024

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