Damned - Strawberries

Damned - Strawberries

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Damned - Strawberries LP 

Recently reissued for record store day in April 2022, we now have a chance to grab a copy of this classic for our music libraries. Thankfully those of us who missed the first round are able to add these classic records to our lkibriaes now. Crack up the volume and let the [arty begin! The opening track kicks this record off wioth absilute confirmation fyour ourchase was the correct choice, CHeck out a track from the album on our podcast epside 211. 

Hell for leather in my scheme of things tonight… https://open.spotify.com/album/4c5bfktL4iyMH7Ute5azfw?si=fxeE-ZtHQtCrOeZUnVThcg 

Monuments in Ruin Episode 211 https://monumentsinruin.com/blogs/podcast/211 

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