Danzig - Circle of Snakes

Danzig - Circle of Snakes

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Danzig - Circle of Snakes LP 

Never before Glenn has there been a more polarizing songwriter. Some will ride with him through hell so he can reclaim his throne among the greatest artists ever to record an album featuring a skull. Others would not piss on him if he was literally on fire because they would assume his cries are simply another Danzig album. Ride or die? Well, you don't have to choose the left hand path but if you did, Circle of Snakes is a welcome addition to the recent string of reissues coming from the Danzig camp. When they finally reissue that D1 through 4P box set on Def Jam, I am certain the apocalypse will be following closely. Great. Melted records... 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/-_81P6GFuEQ 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0ZjWGGjuYl0N3PFaDnP8rc?si=YyddZxwiSAOadg3OEouz_A 
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