Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations 2020

Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations 2020

Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations 2020 2LP 

Don't kid yourself. Once an artist acquires a certain amount of notoriety, it would be easy to see how they could lose their way. Heavy touring schedules, late nights and early mornings traveling, lots of uncomfortable down time, fans everywhere saying they saved their life and the eventual burn out, if the negatives are not addressed properly. The fans could be ride or die but members changing the chemistry and who knows what else, the new music sometimes suffers. The old jams can suffer too.
The more popular move is to tour the classics. By the way, I am not implying any of these occurred with Diamond Head. Those are opening a discussion for yet another risky move. Re-recording the classic that built your fan base and, in this case, helped inspire the American thrash era.
40 years after the original album, the 2020 release sounds as fresh as ever and made me fall back in love with the heavy metal that filled my childhood heart. Easily the best Metallica album to be released in 30 years. Lighten up. It's a joke, folks. Much like my younger years, I can not stop listening to this record. 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOfINQkSEJA&list=PLx2DRJyEjlR--n9exWKqASVpGiadxKLL5 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5UCeq2k6uEKKdvlhSa91xy?si=YReRu3qbTlylr--KOxi20Q 

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