Diogenes - Self Titled (Halim Music 2023)

Diogenes - Self Titled (Halim Music 2023)

Diogenes by DIOGENES welcomes the listener with a fresh direction of what progressive rock can be.

These songs are well rehearsed, feeling very precise and intentional. No frayed ends of experimentation found here. These are well charted paths to the collective vision. From front to back, there is an audible and consistent dynamic arc that touches on emotion, building a world for the listener to escape to. Razor sharp instrumentation, cutting straight through the typical attempts at creating a new sound in a world of excess. The vocals are clean and crisp, matching the overall production quality.

There is a level of talent expressed in the songs that goes beyond sheer shredding. It conveys a working instrumentation ebb and flow and knowledge that when it's time then it's time to burn. When it's not, it's ok to relax, let the songs breathe, grow and become what they call out to be.

Discipline is something we rarely find in the world of progressive rock and fusion. This was a welcome treat for the ears.


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