El Jefazo - Colisión Brutal (Independent 2024)

El Jefazo - Colisión Brutal (Independent 2024)

Colisi​ó​n Brutal by El Jefazo combines a pulverizing wall of heaviness with psychedelic sample elements to set the mind a flame with interest.

This band is digging in deep and committing to the cause. Their smoke stacks roar with evacuating heat and smolder with stoner rock dust and fire. Expect your surrounding environment to be completely engulfed in the movement. Choking you with killing riff after killing riff, this album is layered with bludgeoning gravity bong style deliveries. Big drums, perfectly timed bass runs that perk the ear in time for the next change up to catch fire. You thought your power lung could take it but it's choking you out and now you are in for the ride. Don't walk into this unaware because this is medical grade plant based rock and roll at its finest.

Shout out to our Buy Me A Coffee member, Loadstone, for the recommendation!


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