Fu Manchu - The Return Of Tomorrow (At The Dojo 2024)

Fu Manchu - The Return Of Tomorrow (At The Dojo 2024)

The Return Of Tomorrow by Fu Manchu reminds us why they are the masters of fuzz. 

When it comes to good time, fuzzed out rock and roll ala stoner rock legends, Fu Manchu has long been a go to name to reference such. They are always on brand with their signature sound and are consistently able to write a new batch of riffs that fit right in the pocket of the monolith discography they have crafted over a thirty year stretch. It’s such a treat to hear a new album from the veteran musicians that sparks as much excitement to the listener as the many albums before this one have. Fu Manchu have delivered another sermon from the desert sands and we give them thanks as we soak up the sun. 

released June 14, 2024 

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