Goblin - Zombi OST

Goblin - Zombi OST

Goblin - Zombi OST LP 

There are a series of album covers in music history where the artwork and design is deceptive to the music it contains. Most notably might be Meatloaf or Molly Hatchet. Zombi by Goblin would also land upon this list. Any rendition of the album has featured some sinister image. None of which prepare the listener for what could be a car chase sequence, native chanting, saloon piano or a high stakes 80's arcade competition. This record is a fun adventure and the film is a classic. 

Bandcamp: https://goblinrockband.bandcamp.com/album/cinema-horror-zombi-dawn-of-the-dead-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-halloween-collection 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0blJS6gmMZz3ermr0mtMly?si=VBr3ZbfKTyi3zG6phxdQxA 

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