Kati Rán - SÁLA (Svart Records 2024)

Kati Rán - SÁLA (Svart Records 2024)

Kati Rán - SÁLA (Svart Records) 
Release: 24 May 2024 

Kati Rán brings us the sound of the ancients at peace with the release of SÁLA.

While listening, one can close their eyes and almost feel a cool breeze blowing through fields. Rolling hills and green grasses fill the imagination. A figure slowly moves past a cool, graceful stream. They are searching the landscape with thirsty eyes while simultaneously acknowledging the inherent dangers of the ancient mothers' creatures around any corner. The unity that binds us can also bring forth the unexpected. As delicate voices sing out over a percussive rhythm bed, the otherworldly sounds become the soundtrack for this venturing vagabond and the villages living at peace with human existence in the distance as they slowly drift away into the world. 


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