Kill The Thrill - Autophagie (Season of Mist 2024)

Kill The Thrill - Autophagie (Season of Mist 2024)

Kill The Thrill - Autophagie (Season of Mist 2024) 

 In a frigid, raspy voice someone calls into the distance. It feels as though they are searching for an answer among the stars, the mountains and the valleys built by a vast musical history. Out there lies hope and some level of forgiveness that can not be answered simplistically. The response is sometimes fierce but one of welcoming solace. 

The core writing of Autophagia is well-grounded and durable. This body is thriving. Pulsing with the coherent strength of discovery, and threading through to find the underutilized open space. Kill The Thrill has found a place that sits between post-punk ambience and post-rock. A place that is tender and often uncomfortable for artists seeking consolation in thundering residence. 

Though it may border on delicate emotion, the intent remains lucid. Art often requires one to leave behind what is known to find balance with what is unseen within. 

FFO: Swans, Jesu, Godflesh, Einstürzende Neubauten 

Kill The Thrill - Autophagia will be released 26th of January, 2024 via Season of Mist 



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