Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun + Welcome To Sky Valley + And The Circus Leaves Town


Three for Thursday! Let's Talk About... 
Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun + Welcome To Sky Valley + And The Circus Leaves Town 
The day that Kyuss appeared in my life was the day I unknowingly heard the future of heavy music. The tone was massive, thick as a brick of dried resin and obnoxious to the majority of heavy metal music fans. There were countless conversations of why the band did this. It was easily understood by some, welcomed with open arms by the underground but the sheer addictive songwriting is the magic that wore down the remainder of the haters. One of the great vocalists of the 90's who could stand toe to toe with almost any other you can name from the era. It's undeniable that the band impacted the music community like an asteroid hitting the earth. Then, out from the desert crept Kyuss. File all three albums under Bobby's Essential Listening. 

And if you're trying to ride for free, it be the same I do to you…  


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