Led Zeppelin - II + III

Led Zeppelin - II + III

Twosday Tuesday! Let's Talk About... 
Led Zeppelin - II & III LP 

This is one of my favorite contrasting Twoesday Tuesday posts so far. Although Led Zep III starts with the powerful punch of Immigrant Song, the album takes a drastic turn to a mellow, acoustic songwriting style directly after that tune concludes. It drifts in and out of a couple more rockin' tunes but the band delivers a stellar performance without the loud amplifiers. Overall, it's still blues but you get a mix of mandolins, banjos and lots of other goodies in the mix. John Paul Jones really shines in this element. Stepping backward to Led Zep II, this is the in your face, sexual driven rock and roll vibe most note the band for. It's heavy, raw, and every song overflows with a blues based, power hungry essence.  John Paul Jones really shines in this element too! Haha! Grab one in store at @collectiveclothing or find similar artists on our web store at InherentRecords.com 

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