Lykantropi - Tales To Be Told

Lykantropi - Tales To Be Told

Lykantropi - Tales To Be Told 

This record feels so good to the ear! It has a Swedish stoner rock vibe while standing firm in the spirit of early 70's American classic rock. If either of these two styles speak to your heart, this would be my recommendation for you to snag from the shop today. The vocals are clean with strong and beautiful harmonies, while the riffs fall right in the pocket in such a perfect way. The group has managed to deliver a stunning piece of art that could shape shift through circles of heavy music fans, music heads who are too stubborn to experience anything in the modern age and still introduce a new generation to the spirit of rock and roll. High praise is deserved here, folks. Lykantropi make it easy to fall in love with this record. 



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