Mindfield - Seclusion of Sanity

Mindfield - Seclusion of Sanity

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Mindfield - Seclusion of Sanity LP 

We are taking a break from death metal week for this quality hardcore announcement. It doesn't fall too far from the tree we have been climbing all week. This record slaps us around with extreme breakdowns and proceeds to pummel us with in your face, don't test me vibes. For the unknowing show attendee, this could be a disaster to wandering into the front unknowingly.  

Bandcamp: https://bullettoothhq.bandcamp.com/album/seclusion-of-sanity 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2wWVIjXQnzYRi2Zeo5T1xu?si=qFzQOag3TlS_ESW54YweAQ 
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