Misfits - Earth A.D. LP


Let's Talk About... 

Halloween continues to creep closer so there's no better time to feature a Misfits. This album cover of creeps and ghouls is perfect. If I had to pick one Misfits record and set aside the rest, which is an impossible task that is unnecessary, Earth A.D. would be the one for me. It's faster than the previous releases, seems a little bit more angry and still maintains all of the classic lyric hooks with less of a pop edge to it. This does not discredit the thing Misfits were so gifted for doing. It's simply not as important of a feature on this record. Earth A.D. is full of assault. There are very few of the group's sing-a-longs and Glen takes a vocal direction that's extremely brutal for his typical style. There are still a few signature sections for everyone to get involved but it would be among those struggling through the crowd. Considering it was released between Walk Among Us and Static Age it's pretty wild that they busted out this single slab of destruction and then went back to their previous writing style. Good news for everyone. It's horror punk season! Well, that never ends. 

You don't know what I've spoken to while I've been gone… https://open.spotify.com/album/6P2nv7OF0UngkW3OIcoMog?si=MXTMivTXT3SYwdSGXabyDA  


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