Motorhead - Iron Fist

Motorhead - Iron Fist

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Motorhead - Iron Fist LP 

Happy Birthday, Lemmy! This has long been one of my favorite Motorhead records in a vast catalogue of unstoppable material. When we talk about the templates for what rock and roll is, well, there is no way to leave Lemmy out of the conversation. Many people will never truly understand the importance of what Motorhead was, is and how much they overcame, achieved and influenced. That's ok because Lemmy doesn't care about that either. They were Motorhead and they played rock and roll. That's all anyone ever needed and they delivered. Raise your glass for one of the tried and true. If you have never heard America or Loser, it basically sums up the band's statement of intent in two songs. Another in the Bobby's Essential Listening file. 

Son of a bitch, you can't steal my sound…  
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