Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm (Neurot 2004)

Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm (Neurot 2004)

Revisiting one of my favorite albums on its 20th anniversary.

Time can be a tricky creature. Sometimes the day seems to creep by making an hour feel like a day. Here I’m reflecting on hearing this twenty years ago and asking where it all went. Once again, feeling the freshness of these songs flow from the speakers with deep emotion, powerful delivery and the ultimate spiritual purpose.

There is a special energy harnessed by Neurosis and, even though it can be debated for endless hours, The Eye of Every Storm feels like the moment all things coalesced in their world and created on of the greatest documents of what their legacy before and after could be summarized in a single album.

The ambience, dynamics, the vision of the solo works clearly defined and being heard in real time, the anger, confusion, love of the craft and pull of the universe, it is all represented here.

Neurosis has been one of my favorite artists since they were introduced to me in 1993. They have a long list of mega-albums, in my opinion. This album stirs something deep within my soul that words can hardly begin to describe. A sadness, hopefulness, something tender hidden from the world and a willingness to submit to the journey, no matter how hard those raw emotions can be to deal with. Even with eyes filling with tears and increased heartbeat, the end of this journey is always cathartic.

This is the gift that Neurosis delivers so much better than any other band on the planet.

released June 29, 2004

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