Olanza - Self Titled

Olanza - Self Titled

Olanza - Self Titled LP 

Riffs! Math! Riffs! Heavy vibes! Did I mention riffs? This record is killing me. What a terrific and fun discovery. Thankfully the universe led me down the path to Human Worth records. As this record plays my mind goes to a thousand different places and possibilities. Music like this is truly a gift to the world. It is kind of normal to write a song if you have a band but to write something that is new, fresh and inspiring is a true gift. Give this record a moment of your time. It is well worth every second you spend with it. 

Bandcamp: https://olanza.bandcamp.com/album/olanza 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0bYg7EJM3zfpXR1EE2Xq9t?si=nmEXBX3JSYiMuwdYtR4DOQ 

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