Old Horn Tooth - Mourning Light (London Doom Collective 2024)

Old Horn Tooth - Mourning Light (London Doom Collective 2024)

Open up the doors and windows to welcome the neighborhood with the tsunami of psychedelic doom known as Mourning Light by Old Horn Tooth. 

As the tempo is steady with a slow, leisurely pace through the album, the song lengths allow the listener to sink deep into the riffs. There is a nice arc with the songs that allow a bit of breath and reflection. The consistent flow tends to create a type of hypnotic meditation. Opening the mind to wander a bit while not getting worn out by the main theme, added low and drifting segments indulge the thought process to restore harmony. The songs are absolutely crushing with a steady thunder pushing every chord. Fans will need to be patient in listening but the reward is well received. 

Doom fiends who prefer clean vocals should take note. These riffs are massive and the vocal style is very mellow and easy to digest. 

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