Ovens - Self Titled

Ovens - Self Titled

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Ovens - Self Titled 2LP 

Earworms. Song after song. Earworms. It is absolutely astounding how fun these songs are. Imagine if the Beatles decided to take a time machine into the future to personally show Weezer how to write songs and they had already been full tilt Beach Boys worship so they said, "Screw you old Beatle fogies! We wanna play grunge music with classical guitar breaks!" and the Beatles left them with a handful of psychedelics and returned to the past saying, "Fine! Learn how to play with yourself!" What remains is Ovens.  

"...and i just can't believe that i'm smoking pcp, fell out of the tree outside your house"… 
Bandcamp: https://downloads.tankcrimes.com/album/ovens 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/73OtdRiWHLn26Az4tkYssp?si=cbDYQXvDTqehkRJlTSqSOQ 
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