Pijn - From Low Beams Of Hope (Floodlit 2024)

Pijn - From Low Beams Of Hope (Floodlit 2024)

From Low Beams Of Hope by Pijn reminds us that their creative energy is admirable and unstoppable.

As a recent discovery, Pijn caught my attention and captured my heart. To discover a new album landing this month generated nothing short of excitement for me. With an immediate stopping of all activities, my focus became finding a place undisturbed to listen. The expectation held was not let down but accentuated . This is the type of album one can sink into completely. A complete and flowing movement of thought without interruption. The emotional level of songwriting and heaviness of atmosphere here are the template used to seduce and captivate a full range of emotions in one presentation.

Fans of GY!BE, Kayo Dot and 5ive may want to take note.


released June 28, 2024 

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