Pitchshifter - Industrial

Pitchshifter - Industrial

Pitchshifter - Industrial 

Time is a funny thing. It is always slipping away and it never really connects with us until we start to talk about the kids graduating high school or an album having a 30 year reissue. Listening now, it's fun to reflect on the industrial music "revolution" if one chooses to call it that. Though these bands took it way further than anything I personally experienced, hearing groups like Pitchshifter and Ween, who sound nothing alike, was extremely inspiring to me. The drum machines of the late 80's are dinosaurs compared to today's standard but this band and select others used them to their full advantage and delivered some extremely heavy albums that hold up with a vengeance today. These songs are powerful. 

Bandcamp: https://pitchshifteruk.bandcamp.com/album/industrial-re-mastered

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/32xB4j5clPUNYdynbrwF24?si=yxNS6WktSk-W4PenkeCJiw 

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