Q and A with Ponte Del Diavolo

Q and A with Ponte Del Diavolo

"Ponte Del Diavolo bridges the gap between two separate worlds. After all, the band are named after the real “Bridge of the Devil”, a pointedly steep road that medieval peasants had to cross on their way to Italy." 

Q and A with Ponte Del Diavolo 

Q: Hello and thank you for taking the time to chat with me. 

First I would like to confirm a bit about your evolution up to ‘Fire Blades From The Tomb' which is to be released 16 February, 2024 via Season of Mist. Previous to this release, I found two Eps. This will be your first full length album, correct? Have I missed any others that should be noted? 

A: Yes, this is our first full length. There are actually 3 EPs and they compose a trilogy. Since the early days of the band we wanted to do this kind of release format, intentionally lo-fi. 

Q: Thanks to the internet, I was able to watch a live performance from 2022 which I found very dynamic and hypnotic. There is an emotional darkness to the sound of Ponte Del Diavolo. Is that the type of direction the band wanted to pursue from the start or is it a natural style that developed as the group began to write? 

A: I guess that’s just our natural style of composing. We like to keep it raw and not overthink it too much. 

Q: At times, the live set brought to my mind the darker side of The Cure but as a heavy metal band. Not what I expected going in to it. The live setting seems to lure you in closely before hammering you with monstrous riffs. There is not a question in there but is that a surprising comparison to hear? Ponte Del Diavolo vs The Cure 

A: Thanks for the question. That comparison is actually not surprising at all. I would say that almost everyone in the band is a fan of The Cure. They are among the all-time favourites of Erba del Diavolo, our singer, and me as well. I think that Simon Gallup is one of the main influences for me as a bass player and composer. It’s not really intentional but you can hear the influence of The Cure in the general mix of our sound, both on record and on stage. You’re not the first to bring them up and I’m happy and proud that you mention while speaking about our music. 

Q: Regarding the writing process, is there a specific path that brings these songs together? Is everyone generally in the room collaborating when the spark of creation occurs or maybe individuals bring pre-written sections in to be further developed as a band? 

A: Usually it all starts from a riff or melody by Nerium (guitar) or me and then we arrange the song all together in the practice space with a live approach. Sometimes the intial idea changes drastically. We try not to overthink too much about the song structure, as mentioned before, as soon as the right mood comes out we follow our guts to create a more structured version of it. The voice is usually added at the end of this process and more than once that takes the song to a whole other dimension. Also we changed the line up recently so this also adds another twist to the composition. 

Q: The first single Demone, though it dabbles in a blacker side of songwriting, evolves into a tone of commanding authority, giving more of a doom empowered presence. The strength of the slow tempo sections, layered with repeating chant, generates a psychedelic feel toward the ending. 

Meanwhile, the earlier, faster sections give me a bit of a punk rock presentation vocally. This is a lot to be said for one song. Would you say this is a fair dissection of your listening habits? Lots of genres and personalities working together to become the sound of Ponte del Diavolo? 

A: Absolutely, we have 5 distinct personalities and we all have different musical backgrounds. We’re not just strict metalheads, but we all consider metal our main core on which we all connect. 

Q: The second single, Covenant, takes on yet another element with a post-punk vibe. There is a pulse that entrances with a type of meditation. Makes me want to lean forward as I listen with anticipation. The band is truly in a dominion of your own. How do you see the crowds reacting to this when performing live? Is there a specific track from “Fire Blades From The Tomb” that you see trigger a specific reaction from the crowd? 

A: From the recent live shows of our tour we saw that Covenant could be our “summer hit” (laugh). We’ve seen very positive reactions from the crowd so far. 

Q: I feel you are a very welcome change in the music world by merging all of these elements together to bring life to Ponte Del Diavolo. Blending the low, gothic style breaks with the faster black metal aesthetics, it is very captivating. Where the slower, larger sounding song breaks really resonate with me, the speed breaks it all up in very appropriate ways. Even though you are not a punk rock band, I do appreciate what resonates with me, as an occasional punk rock vocal delivery that mixes with incantation style chants. Many would take the chance to be guttural in those moments. Especially in a black metal atmosphere. 

A: That’s true, most of the people would have expected a growl on the heaviest parts, but the musical background of our singer pushes her to be unexpected sonically and I guess that’s a great thing. 

Q: Thank you once again for sharing your time and creativity with myself and the world. Is there anything you would like to say before we close here? 

A: Thank you for your interest in our band, support Ponte del Diavolo and your local scene! 

Fire Blades From The Tomb is out now! 
Stream: https://orcd.co/firebladesfromthetombpresave​​​​ 
Order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/PonteFireBlades 

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Ponte Del Diavolo featured on the Monuments in Ruin Music Show! 

Covenant on Episode 013: 

Demone on Episode 006: 

Doom Black Metal - Italy 

Photo by © Cristina Ferrero 

Special thank you to Will Yarbrough and the team at Season of Mist. 

~ Bobby Rayfield / Monuments in Ruin  


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