Rasputiza by Lasse Reinstroem (Independent 2020)

Rasputiza by Lasse Reinstroem (Independent 2020)

Rasputiza by Lasse Reinstroem takes chances in genre and welcomes them with open arms.

Closing the eyes and listening to the first track then randomly jumping ahead to a later track, one may find some difficulty connecting that this is the same band. When we discuss welcoming of genres it is not to bend and merge them together. Instead, this album feels very confident in creating a musical flow that moves from genre to genre per track. There is a gothic undertone in the album introduction and by the time a few songs pass it starts to feel like a heavier Depeche Mode and later a monstrous attack of d-beat style extreme metal. Very well done in all regards. This is the perfect example to showcase why letting an album breathe is important. The first few seconds did not catch my ear. As the album played it was clear there was something inspiring to write about and share with friends. Great work on the bait and switch aspect and flow of the album.


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