Redwood - Dry Rivers EP (Independent 2024)

Redwood - Dry Rivers EP (Independent 2024)

Drifting in on a cloud of psychedelic smoke, the Dry Rivers EP by Redwood is laced with magic dust and heavy blues driven riffs.

The foundation of these jams are the essential vitamins and minerals of a stoner rock diet that every growing fan needs. A healthy does, in fact. The band is standing firmly amongst the rhythms of our swirling universe and grounded firmly to desert vibes that create a vibrant song crafting ecosystem in which to thrive.

Psychedelics pour from the skies and feed all that grows in this outlying world. The vocals speak out over endless grooves, ripping bass runs and distorted sound waves carve the way for Redwood to sustain firmly rooted in the lands they now call their home. 

~ Bobby / Monuments in Ruin 

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Genres: Heavy psych, stoner, desert rock, doom metal 

Out June 1, 2024 (Digital)
Recorded and produced by Northern Buffalo Productions
Northern California
FFO: Kadabra, Asteroid, Hawkwind, Turbonegro, Astroqueen, Howling Giant

1. MODERN WAY (5:27)
2. DRY RIVERS (5:07)
3. HOME (5:19)
4. VOID RIDER (6:10)  

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