Russian Circles - Memorial

Russian Circles - Memorial

Black and White Wednesday! Let's Talk About... 
Russian Circles - Memorial LP 

Walking us into the middle of the week with a delicate album intro, Memorial is a terrific slab of instrumental post-rock. Don't be misled by the opening track. This record is heavy. The music has such a massive presence. It surprises me that more people are not talking about this band. It's possible the instrumental nature does not resonate with some. I can understand that. On the other side of that coin, it is a true gift to write such compelling music without the use of words. Everyone who has purchased this band from the shop has returned with a positive verdict from their listening experience. Not everything is black and white. 


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Love these dudes and have yet to drop a needle on one of theirs. Love the blog format, btw! Doing it right. 🤘🏻

Mack and Roll

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