Shark Move - Ghede Chokra's

Shark Move - Ghede Chokra's

Shark Move - Ghede Chokra's LP 

First of all, who could resist the curiosity to hear what a band called Shark Move sounds like? Second, this is basically why the internet was invented, imo. When music fans who are constantly turning over stones discover some bizarre psychedelic rock gem, those addicts can immediately share it with friends. Thankfully there is a solid reissue of this record to be snatched up by those of us who are obsessive about these discoveries. This psychedelic curiosity has the perfect album cover to inform you that we are going for a ride. To my ear it feels like early prog-rock Yes if they had Indonesian origin and were obsessed with the Lonesome Crow/Fly to the Rainbow era of the Scorpions. In fact, the release date for this album lands directly in between those two at 1973. 


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