Sleep - Volume One

Sleep - Volume One

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Sleep - Volume One LP 

Long before the iconic remaster of Dopesmoker took the world by storm, Sleep was opening their album with monk chants and the slow pulse of doom soaked riffs heavier than anything else on the market. This album is raw and packs a punch that could clobber most any heavy music artist who would dare to step in the ring against it. Originally released in 1991, it's the only Sleep album released as a 4-piece band. They had just revamped their previous band Asbestos Death to begin their journey as Sleep and eventually into the stuff of legend. There is some kind of spoken word or sample in the opening track, Stillborn that occurs at the 4:26 mark. I think it says, "Do it". Can you hear it? Will you heed the call and buy this album? 

What is a soul, a mind, constructed by social bind?…  
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