Television - Marquee Moon

Television - Marquee Moon

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Television - Marquee Moon LP

A friend of mine once mentioned the guitar tone on this record is her favorite. It's easy to see why. The overall tone of the record is basically punk rock n roll with a snarly type of vocal that manages to stay distinguishable. Nothing too aggressive but leaning on post-punk. Add to that an extremely tight music foundation and now we are rockin'. When it comes time for the guitar to step out front it's easily accomplished and the solo breaks are not obnoxious. This record is pretty tasty from start to finish. Grab one in store at @collectiveclothing or find similar artists on our web store at

You can hear them featured on our podcast, Monuments in Ruin Episode 228:

Don't say unconscious, no, don't say doom. If you got to say it, let me leave this room…

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