The Cure - Head on the Door + Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me + Seventeen Seconds


Three for Thursday! Let's Talk About... 
~ The Cure - Head on the Door + Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me + Seventeen Seconds 
The seasons are changing and we see the leaves are slowly withering away. Their colorful and sluggish transition into lifelessness is celebrated by all. The beautiful colors of the end. They have arrived. As they begin their descent into the earth we look around to ourselves and prepare for the cold days ahead. This is the everyday life of a Cure fan. Just kidding! Haha!! I love this band but it never gets old to have a laugh about the stereotype it evokes. Halloween is close! Time to dig into your inner gothic desires and worship at the altar of The Cure. Grab one in store at @collectiveclothing or on our web store at

Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again... 
Head on the Door 
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 
Seventeen Seconds 


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