The Macks - The Macks Are A Knife (Independent 2024)

The Macks - The Macks Are A Knife (Independent 2024)

The Macks Are A Knife by The Macks is a high energy adventure into a gritty, garage rock culture. 

This album was almost lost on me. When I dipped in for a quick audio taste test it did not seem like the type of thing that spoke to me. Yet, something must have connected subliminally. Maybe it was the Blues Explosion still flowing through my veins. Whatever the reason, sometimes you gotta stick around for the ride! As the opening track played and the bizarre tones started to slowly swirl into the mix it became evident that there is more than a quick snippet to consume here. It's a big sound bleeding rock and roll angst, funny creative energy and progressive stabs at drawing outside the lines. There are some really fun mind bending moments here. This is a great party record. 100% confirmed that it made me party, anyway.   

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