The Pop Group - Y

The Pop Group - Y

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The Pop Group - Y LP 

If you are willing to take a ride on some bizarre punk rock style reggae that is different from anything else we currently have at the shop, this is your ticket. The vocals call out in a strange way as though they could be channeling their inner David Byrne or Michael Gira while the band battles between learning Police songs and Minutemen tunes and occasionally letting a cat run across the piano. I rarely name drop anything in the blurbs but feel safe here because it does not sound like either of those artists anyway. All jokes aside, this record is really fun if you are ready to experience something for the first time. There is not another like this, for sure. Very intriguing album! You can hear a song featured on EP228 of our podcast linked below! 

Time is within you. shines through your eyes... 

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