Wire - Pink Flag

Wire - Pink Flag

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Wire - Pink Flag LP 

Every week I discover a band that has been around as long as I have been alive and yet I've never followed them or they somehow stepped outside of my radar. In cases like this one, I can't imagine how it happened. The name Pink Flag seems to be rattling around in my head but never remember taking a spin on this record until recently. Thank goodness these records are being reissued and are available for us to enjoy. Now that it's been 45 years, I can dig into yet another punk rock masterwork that still has a lot of life to give in the modern music world. It's truly a gift that we live in the age of music discovery and have the ability to share. Grab one in store at @collectiveclothing or find similar artists on our web store at InherentRecords.com 
Check them out on our podcast Monuments in Ruin Episode 228: https://monumentsinruin.com/blogs/podcast/episode228 

Stay glued to your TV set! Why don't ya, don't ya, don't ya?... https://open.spotify.com/album/4WXqZZ28geJSPtqLcCF56L?si=uOEuo6WxSDyPY1K3qvrb2A 
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