Yajaira - Epopeya (Bombtrack Distro 2024)

Yajaira - Epopeya (Bombtrack Distro 2024)

Epopeya by Yajaira takes us back to the lands where bluesy, psychedelic, stoner giants are born.

It seems very recent that we discussed my enjoyment of Yajaira and my consideration of them being a "Best kept secret '' in our heavy music world. My excitement of seeing their new album release available made me jump for a sound system and crank it up as loud and fast as possible. Nothing about this release let me down.

Yajaira has the ability to seemingly follow a stoner rock blueprint, but like true architects, they consistently surprise the listener with new structures within that appeal artistically while simultaneously strengthening the foundation. Pushing our previous interpretation into fresh light. An arc or a line that we did not see or maybe an angle that fits all too perfectly yet we never found it lurking in the shadows before now.

The eerie darkness of what this band is capable of is the secret sauce in their chemistry. The ultimate in slow, dirty, heavy blues jams that consistently spark excitement in the neurons and slowly melt the brain with massive waves of electricity, in the best way.

Physical release is available as a compact disc. Hopefully we will see other formats soon and possibly a bandcamp page to link back to. Until then, it will have to be YouTube or other streaming services. 

Release date: 2024, June 7th 

Listen on YouTube here 

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