Monuments in Ruin - Episode197 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin - Episode197 (music podcast)

This week we are packing our bags and taking a trip into the world of bluegrass and americana. These songs are packed full of great stories, moral discussion, blistering musicianship and the ultimate heartache. We are sure to discover some nice surprises in this power packed hour. If you like your grass blue then this is the lawn you need to be cutting! New episodes every Monday at 9pm eastern on Trendkill Radio.

Originally aired on on Feb 28th, 2022.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 197 Intro
(00:35) Tony Rice Unit – Manzanita
(05:54) Sturgill Simpson – Call to Arms
(08:54) Twisted Pine – When I Called Your Name
(12:58) Sam Bush – Play By Your Own Rules
(16:23) Steep Canyon Rangers and Steve Martin – On The Water
(18:55) Seth Mulder and Midnight Run – One More Night
(21:39) Sister Sadie – Unholy Water
(25:00) Missy Armstrong – Creeping Round My Cabin
(28:14) Balsam Range – The Girl Who Invented The Wheel
(31:31) Gibson Brothers – Homeade Wine
(34:39) Mile Twelve – City That Drowned
(38:15) Old Salt Union – God You Don’t Need
(42:41) Carolina Blue – Too Wet To Plow
(45:44) Volume Five – Now That’s A Song
(48:11) Sierra Hull – Choices and Changes
(53:08) Gillian Welch – Tennessee

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